Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Longer life, lower maintenance costs, and faster production times.

Corrosion is the natural enemy of metal. Technically, it is the relentless reaction between metal and its environment (chemical, biological and electrochemical). There are four categories of corrosive agents, all of which exist in nature: oxidants, acidic media, salts and alkalies.

The high cost of corrosive damage is why our customers specifiy these types of coatings for their parts and equipment. Our customers see a range of benefits from corrosion resistant coatings such as, longer life, lower maintenance costs, faster production times and more predictable downtimes.

Our customers have come to use our knowledge of these coatings to prolong equipment used in harsh environments. Working together we are able to setup a coating schedule which allows you to schedule maintenance and downtimes without any loss of equipment.

  • Extended life of Equipment
  • Lower Cost then Replacement
  • Lower Cost than Stainless Steel
  • Parts can be Recoated

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