Fastener Class Coatings

Solving industry needs for 40 years.

Fastener class coatings, each designed to meet a specific need (or needs) for fasteners, have been solving the same kinds of problems for the oil as well as the waterworks industries (not to mention the chemical, automotive, energy and other industries) for nearly 40 years.

The corrosive elements of the environment are responsible for today’s advanced coatings. Previously, fasteners were protected only by electroplating, cadmium or zinc. But the protection was insufficient for the demands of the in- dustry. (In addition, zinc coatings by themselves cause uneven, unpredictable results.)

The waterworks industry, like many others, faces a disturbing increase in raw-material costs. That’s why nobody in the industry wants to pay the steep (and still climbing) price of fasteners made of stainless steel. Further, stainless steel has less yield strength than alloy steel, so a fas- tener coated with Xylan not only offers greater strength but provides more accurate torque con- trol than its stainless counterpart.

In spite of this, some do pay the higher cost, generally because nobody wants to put an uncoated steel fastener in wet, hot soil, only to encounter rapid corrosion and the problems that causes.

Slick Coatings and Solutions has been working with a local fastener manufacture to supply coated fasteners to your specifications.

Fastener Class Coating Benefits

  • Controller Torque
  • Easy Removal of Nuts
  • Resistance to Galvanic Corrosion
  • Eliminates the for Toxic Lubricating oils and paste
  • Tough
  • Cost vs Uncoated
  • Wide Range of Operating Temperatures
  • UV Stable
  • Resistance to Hot Soils
  • Color Coding
  • FDA-acceptable

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