Thermoplastic Coating

A durable, BPA free, UV resistant, light weight, and repairable coating material.

What are Thermoplastics?

Wikipedia defines ”A thermoplastic, also called a thermosoftening plastic is a polymer which becomes pliable or moldable above a specific temperature and returns to a solid state upon cooling.”

Thermoplastic or Powder Coating?

There are quite a few difference between these two coatings. Some of the main ones are:

  • Thermoplastic requires no primers and/or adhesive coatings prior to application. This allows for a faster application process.
  • Thermoplastics can be heated and melted numerous times, this allows much thicker coating when required. And completely eliminates overspray errors.
  • Thermoplastics do not chip, peel or crack while in use. The bonding to the substrate is much more aggressive giving the coating longer lasting protection.
  • Thermoplastics will not fade when exposed to UV. No more shadows or dull finishes when parts or equipment sit out in the sun!
  • Repairable in the field with only a heat source and a putty knife. A thermoplastic patch is also recommend.

Water Pipes and Fittings

Our Thermoplastic offers a number of advantages to companies responsible for maintenance and operational costs of a potable water or waste water system.

Fence Industry

Our Thermoplastic for the fencing industry is the best anti-corrosive coating on the market today. It will significantly reduce your long term maintenance costs of any fence, especially if it exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

Street Furniture

Our Thermoplastic coatings used on everyday street furniture achieve a low cost of maintenance and will not fade from UV. The coating will not chip, crack, peel or allow corrosion to creep underneath and lift the coating off.


Thermoplastic coatings are being used throughout a wide range of industries to help combat graffiti. Our Thermoplastic coatings are impermeable to paints, markers and adhesives. Therefore you can simple wipe the graffiti away with a small amount of solvent on the cloth.

Onsite Coatings

We have recently added  new equipment to offer our new and existing customer onsite Thermoplastic coatings. We are able to visit equipment in-situ and apply our Thermoplastic coating. We are using a flame spray unit from IBIX Surface Technologies. This equipment is portable and only requires pressurized air source and LPG.

Will it work for my application?

The best answer to this is to call our office. We have applied thermoplastic to hundreds of parts and equipment that were previously coated with other products. Thermoplastics have outlasted them all.

Lab Test Results

  • Salt spray testing to ASTM B117 has exceeded 20,000 hours with no blistering, cracking, corrosion or fading.
  • Under-film corrosion from a scribe tested to ASTM B117 for 1000 hours on steel is 0 and 0.5mm.
  • Loss of adhesion on testing to ASTM D3359-A is zero.
  • After 2000 hours QUV (ASTM G53), Xenon arc (ASTM G26) or five years in Florida at 45 degrees to the sun by the sea, there is no significant change in the color, gloss or mechanical properties.
  • At a suitable coating thickness (6 – 10mils) Thermoplastic will protect metal from impact of stones to automotive specifications (e.g. SAE 400), and to water industry standards (WIS 4 52 01 or AS/NZS 4158) and from aggregate slurries (ASTMA926-94)
  • Thermoplastic has been tested to ASTM A 926-94 (salt and grit). After one million cycles all other coatings (including Fusion Bonded Coatings and Galvanizing) were completely stripped. Over half of the Thermoplastic still remained.

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