Water and Waste Water Thermoplastic

A BPA free, UV resistant, light weight, repairable coating material for potable and waste water pipes and fittings.


Fusion Bonded Epoxies and cold tar cement motar lined fitting and pipes are essentially “old coating technology”. Slick Coatings and Solutions provides a thermoplastic coating that outlasts all other coatings. Our line of Thermoplastic coatings are applied by either fluidized bed-dipping or by electrostatic spraying. Our Thermoplastic coatings have been extensively tested in laboratories and have been used and monitored for many years in a range of applications and environments ranging from the tropics to the arctic.


Our Thermoplastic coating for metal fittings and pipes has water approvals in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, UK, USA and Canada. Thermoplastic can be used both internally and externally on fitting and piping. Plascoat Thermoplastic coating meets and exceeds all AWWA standards for C216 and hold a NSF61 certification.

Water Companies

Our Thermoplastic offers a number of advantages to companies responsible for maintenance and operational costs of a potable water or waste water system.

  • Lower Maintenance costs
  • Higher Flow Rates
  • Improved UV resistance (200 years at the equator)
  • Proven performance at elevated water temperature
  • BPA Free
  • Lower Pipe and Fitting laying costs
  • Repairable coating Onsite

Items Coated

  • Ductile Iron Fitting
  • Grey Iron Fitting
  • Cast Iron Fitting
  • Valve bodies
  • Steel Pipe
  • Steel Spools
  • Iron Lids and Caps
  • Retainer clamps
  • Saddles
  • Couplings
  • Expansion Joints
  • Manhole covers and Bodies
  • The list goes on!

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