Coating Solutions That Save Time and Money

Slick Coatings and Solutions was founded on the principal of working with our customers to address their individual needs. Our range of coating solutions, including superior thermoplastic coatings & superior fluoropolymer teflon coatings, are designed specifically to help businesses reduce costs, increase efficiency, and be more eco-friendly.

Thermoplastic Coating

Powder coatings are essentially “old protection technology”. Slick Coatings and Solutions Ltd provides a new type of thermoplastic coating that outlasts most – if not all traditional powder coatings.

Food Grade

Non-Stick and Food Grade coatings are crucial for our clients needs. Whether it’s in professional kitchens to factory floors, you can chose the adequate non-stick solution from our product line.


Our fluoropolymer teflon coatings will increase production times as well as provide long-term protection for metal against harsh climates without damaging the environment.

Corrosion Protection

Protecting your equipment from wear can be a constant reminder that your tools need to stay functional over time. By choosing our excellent Corrosion Protection coatings, we guarantee longer life and better performance.

Customer Support

Slick Coatings has provided thermoplastic coatings and applications for businesses in manufacturing, packaging, food production, automotive parts, transportation & many more.

Release Coatings

Quality, performance and durability is why the plumbing, water and gas industries continue to trust our products and services. Just ask the City of Calgary, our best and brightest repeat customer.

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